Note on using Tosufloxacin tosilate :   (1) Renal dysfunction should be used with caution. If used, the dose should be adjusted according to the degree of decline.   (2) Patients with liver dysfunction should be used with caution. If used, attention

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Ciclopirox is a new broad-spectrum topical antifungal drug developed by the Federal German Pharmaceuticals. The mechanism of action is to alter the integrity of the fungal cell membrane, cause the outflow of intracellular substances, and block the up

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Amorolfine is a topical antifungal drug whose mechanism of action is to inhibit the various steps of fungal cell wall ergosterol biosynthesis, which interferes with the synthesis of fungal cell membrane ergosterol and leads to fungal death. Amorolfin

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Production method of Prednicarbate : Prednicarbate takes prednisolone as raw material. 110g(0.305mo1) prednisolone was dissolved in 2.2l anhydrous dioxane, and 147ml(0.70mo1) tetraethyl carbonate and 12g p-toluenesulfonic acid were added. Stir or lea

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