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Probucol has lipid-lowering and anti-lipid peroxidation

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  Lipid-lowering effect: Probucol reduces blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein by lowering cholesterol synthesis and promoting cholesterol breakdown; affecting soft phospholipid cholesterol acyltransferase and cholesterol lipid transfer protein by loading the properties and functions of high-density lipoprotein subtypes The function of lipoprotein E, the normalization of lipidated cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio to normalize the reverse transport of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; inhibits mononuclear inhibition by inhibiting the expression of intercellular adhesion factor-1 and P-selectin The cells adhere to endothelial cells. Therefore, Probucol can prevent atherosclerosis and its cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Anti-lipid peroxidation: Probucol has significant anti-lipid peroxidation, inhibits inflammatory factors, atherogenic factor gene expression and free radical-mediated inflammation, improves endothelial dilation, and thus inhibits foam cells And atherosclerotic plaque formation, regression or reduction of atherosclerotic plaque. Therefore, Probucol can prevent restenosis after angioplasty and has a xanthoma-like effect. The study did not find that Probucol has carcinogenic and mutagenic effects.