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Pharmacological action of Nicardipine hydrochloride

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  Indications for Nicardipine hydrochloride :

  Nicardipine hydrochloride is used for treatment: 1, hypertension, alone or in combination with other drugs; 2, angina pectoris, alone or in combination with other drugs.

  Pharmacological effects of Nicardipine hydrochloride:

  Nicardipine hydrochloride is a calcium antagonist and a vasodilator. It inhibits the transmembrane calcium influx of myocardial and vascular smooth muscle without changing the blood calcium concentration, and has strong selectivity to blood vessels. In animal experiments, Nicardipine hydrochloride dilates coronary vascular smooth muscle, and the blood concentration at the time of this action does not produce a negative inotropic effect on the myocardium. In the human body, Nicardipine hydrochloride reduces peripheral vascular resistance. This effect is higher in patients with hypertension than in normal blood pressure, and the reflex heart rate is accelerated when blood pressure is reduced. Nicardipine hydrochloride increased cardiac ejection fraction and cardiac output and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure did not change much. Coronary blood flow increased.