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Pharmacological action of trimetazidine hydrochloride

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  Trimetazidine Hydrochloride belongs to other anti-angina drugs, suitable for the prophylactic treatment of angina pectoris, auxiliary symptomatic treatment of dizziness and tinnitus, with anti-adrenalin, norepinephrine and vasopressin, can reduce vascular resistance Increase coronary and circulating blood flow, promote myocardial metabolism and myocardial energy production. At the same time, it can reduce the myocardial oxygen consumption, thereby improving the balance of supply and demand of myocardial oxygen. It can also increase tolerance to cardiac glycosides.

  Controlled trials of patients with angina showed:

  1. Trimetazidine hydrochloride can increase exercise tolerance in patients with angina pectoris, delay exercise-induced myocardial ischemia and reduce ischemia from treatment of dl5, but does not cause hemodynamic changes.

  2. Limiting rapid blood pressure fluctuations does not cause significant changes in heart rate, significantly reducing the frequency of angina attacks.

  3. The amount of nitroglycerin is significantly reduced.

  Trimetazidine Hydrochloride can prevent the normal function of the ion pump and the normal operation of the transmembrane sodium-potassium flow by protecting the energy metabolism of cells under hypoxia or ischemia, and reducing the intracellular ATP level. Acidosis and prevention of aggregation of sodium and calcium in cardiomyocytes, protect cell contractile function and limit cytolysis and endometrial damage caused by oxygen free radicals, and maintain the stability of the intracellular environment.