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Product name: Aggrecanases Product description: Aggrecanases are proteolytic enzymes that are members of the ADAM protein (A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease) family. Aggrecanases act on large proteoglycans known as aggrecans, which are components of

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Product name: Aldolase Product description: An aldolase is an enzymethat cleaves an aldol.A maximum measurement of aldolase may be noted as ALD (max) or ALDmax, which should not be confused with the similarly pronounced AoVmax, the maximum speed of b

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Aldose Reductase

Product name: Aldose Reductase Product description: Aldose reductase (or aldehyde reductase) is an NADPH-dependent oxidoreductase that catalyzes the reduction of a variety of aldehydes and carbonyls, including monosaccharides. It is primarily known

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Animal Protein Hydrolyed Enzyme

Product name: Animal Protein Hydrolyed Enzyme Product description: Hydrolyzed Animal Protein is made from food additive gelatin through strictly controlled hydrolysis and the advanced process of high temperature instant drying. It contains 18 kinds

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Beer Enzyme

Product name: Beer Enzyme Product description: Beer is an undistilled alcoholic bewerage produced from fermentation of barley malt by yeast, especial1y S. cerevisiae or S. carisbergensis. Generally, other materials rich in starch, e.g., wheat, maize

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