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Naja Naja atra(Chinese Cobra)

Product Name: Naja Naja atra(Chinese Cobra) Description: Naja Naja atra is medium and large sized snakes, with dark gray to black body color and oval head. When excited or angry, it will raise head and expand the neck to flat, like spoon. And when e

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Bungarus multicinctus

Product Name: Bungarus multicinctus Description: Bungarus multicinctus (also known as the Taiwanese banded krait) is the species of krait which produces -bungarotoxin. It is about 1 m in length, the whole back with black-and-white loop pattern and a

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Vipera russelli siamensis

Product Name: Vipera russelli siamensis Description: Vipera russelli siamensis is 1 m in length and weighed 1.5 kilograms. The head was wide of the triangle, with the obvious distinction between neck, short and wide circle. The squamula in head back

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Agkistrodom halys

Product Name: Agkistrodom halys Description: Agkistrodon halys is a venomous snake belong to ankistrodon. Pharmacological Action: The components of its venom is more complex, but contained neurotoxin of Agkistrodon halys is a major component of the

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Bungarus fasciatus

Product Name: Bungarus fasciatus Description: Bungarus fasciatus a venomous elapid snake species found in India and Southeast Asia. It is commonly called the Banded Krait. The banded krait occurs in the whole of the Indo-Chinese subregion, the Malay

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