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Product name: Amantadine Product description: Amantadine is the organic compound known formally as 1-adamantylamine or 1-aminoadamantane. The molecule consists of adamantane backbone that has an amino group substituted at one of the four methyne posi

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Product name: Deslorelin Product description: Deslorelin acetate is an injectable gonadotropin releasing hormone super-agonist (GnRH agonist) also known as an LHRH agonist. It stops the production of sex hormones (testosterone and oestrogen). Deslore

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Oxolinic Acid

Product name : Oxolinic Acid Synonyms : Prodotol;Utibid;Emyrenil;Gramurin;Nidantin;Oxolin;Tilvis;UropaxUroxol;5-Ethyl-5,8-dihydro-8-oxo-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-g]quinoline-7- carboxylic Acid; CAS No. : 14698-29-4 Molecular Formula : C 13 H 11 NO 5 Molecula

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Zinc bacitracin

Product name : Zinc bacitracin Synonyms : Bacitracin zinc salt CAS No. : 1405-89-6 Molecular Formula : C 66 H 101 N 17 O 16 SZn Molecular Weight : 1486.07 Product description : Yellow to yellow brown powder or granular, with characteristic odor.Baci

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Carbopol Ultrez 20

Products name: Carbopol Ultrez 20 Origin: Noveon Specification: 20KG Function: White powder. A decentralized Carbopol resin, extremely easily, short rheological property. Provide efficient thickening property, good transparency, suspension and the st

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